PeakSunNRG's business model has fundamentally changed the world of solar energy production and in the process has created an investment opportunity like no other. Because we do not even begin construction on one of our utility-scale solar facilities until we have negotiated with a local utility company to purchase the power, our profits are literally guaranteed by a binding contract. And anyone who owns a part of the solar co-op facility we operate will also receive guaranteed profits.

Minimize Risk

At PeakSunNRG, we don't even begin construction on one of our solar facilities until we have negotiated a 15-20 year, renewable contract to sell the electricity we produce. Profits are literally guaranteed by contract.

return on investment
Maximize Returns

The profits earned from a PeakSunNRG solar installation consistently exceed even the most aggressive stock portfolios.

graph of exponential growth
Exponential Growth

According to the IEA (International Energy Agency), "electricity generation is forecast to triple for solar" by 2025.

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Profits are Guaranteed
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Protecting Our Planet
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