Home Solar: Rooftop Solar vs. the Solar Co-Op

Statistics clearly show that more than 90 percent of the population wants to use solar power, yet only about one percent actually do. Why is that? What's holding everyone back? Well, there are quite a few reasons, but the most compelling one is cost. Because solar power requires sunlight to work, if you happen to live in a part of the world that doesn't get lots and lots of sunlight all year round, solar is going to be very expensive for you. And even if you do have the sunlight, you're gonna need a pretty big roof to mount all those solar panels. Can't have rooftop solar without a roof. Oh, and did we mention that the roof can't be shaded, or angled incorrectly?

PeakSun understands all this, and it's the reason we created the Solar Co-op concept. By allowing you to install solar panels, not on your roof, but in a solar facility in a part of the world that received maximum sunlight hours, year-round, you not only cut the cost of solar by up to 60%, you also eliminate all of the problems, inconveniences, and additional costs that come with having a solar array bolted to the roof of your home.

Use the Solar Calculator to compare the cost of rooftop solar in your area with the cost of PeakSun's Solar Co-Op.

Most common reasons people say "No" to Rooftop Solar

  1. It’s just too expensive.
  2. This is the biggest deterrent to homeowners. Depending on where you live, traditional rooftop solar will cost between $25,000 and $35,000, and can take more than 30 years to pay for itself. With PeakSunNRG, it will cost less than $14,000 to generate the same amount of electricity, making it possible for the investment to pay for itself in just 13 years.

  3. You don’t get enough sunlight hours where you live to make rooftop solar affordable.
  4. Solar panels need sunlight to make electricity, so if you don’t live in a part of the world that gets a lot of sunlight, you’re just not getting your money’s worth. But with PeakSunNRG, where you live doesn’t matter. Your panels will be part of a large solar array built in a location where they will receive maximum sunlight all year, and you will receive the profits from the electricity they generate.

  5. Your house is positioned where the roof doesn’t face the sun, so you can’t get direct sunlight.
  6. This is a real problem. With traditional rooftop solar, if the flat surface of your roof doesn’t face the sun directly, you’re not getting the most out of those solar panels. And you can’t just turn your house to get better sunlight. However, it’s not a problem with PeakSunNRG because, again, the panels are not on your rooftop.

  7. There are tall trees around your house that block the sunlight.
  8. Those trees that provide shade and keep your home cool in the summer months will make it impossible for solar panels on your roof to do their jobs. Once again, PeakSunNRG solves this problem by putting your solar panels where the sun can shine on them.

  9. It will take 30 years for rooftop solar to pay for itself. You may not even be living in the same house in 30 years.
  10. In many cases it will take even longer for your rooftop solar to pay for itself, and if you move, it will be a nightmare to try to take it with you. With PeakSunNRG, your solar panels stay where they are (in a remote solar array) and the profits from the electricity they generate is deposited directly into your bank account, so when you move, your profits move with you.

  11. By the time your rooftop solar has paid for itself, you will need to replace the panels.
  12. Rooftop solar installers don’t mention this often, but those panels are only guaranteed for 30 years. After that, their level of output drops off, and when that happens, so do your savings. Eventually, they just don’t work anymore. You’ll need to replace them, and that’s a big expense. But with PeakSunNRG, the cost of maintenance, repair, and replacement is built in. You won’t see any interruption in your profits – ever.

  13. There will be hidden costs (maintenance and repair) that cut into your savings.
  14. You should. Like any other technology, solar requires constant repair and maintenance, and eventual replacement of components. All of this costs money. PeakSunNRG has addressed this problem by building in all of those costs so that you won’t see them. Your profits will never be reduced because of maintenance, repair, or replacement.

  15. It will make your house look ugly.
  16. There’s no way around it. Rooftop solar isn’t pretty. And you can’t hide the panels because they have to be out there in the open or the sun won’t hit them. At PeakSunNRG we haven’t figured out how to hide the panels either. We put them right out in the open. Only we do it in a remote solar array, not on your roof.

  17. Your Homeowners Association won’t allow rooftop solar.
  18. This makes it impossible to install traditional, rooftop solar. But with PeakSunNRG, the panels won’t be on your roof. They won’t even be on your property. Problem solved.

  19. If you want to sell your, the rooftop solar will limit potential buyers.
  20. This happens all the time. The thing that you think is great about your home is the exact thing that stops someone else from buying it. With PeakSunNRG, this won’t be a problem, and when you do sell your home, your solar power will move with you, wherever you go.

  21. When your roof needs new shingles, the solar panels will be in the way. It will costs a lot to remove them and then put them back.
  22. There’s no way around this one either. You can’t get to the roof once you’ve covered it with solar panels, so if there’s a problem, well now it’s two problems. Again, PeakSunNRG eliminates the need for rooftop solar, so we eliminate the problems associated with it.

  23. The solar panels might be damaged in a storm or cause leaks in your roof.
  24. It happens all the time. The only way to be sure storms won’t damage your rooftop solar panels is to not have rooftop solar panels. And that’s exactly what PeakSunNRG does.

  25. Your home is small, so your roof isn’t large enough to hold the solar panels you will need.
  26. A single solar panel can only generate so much electricity, even under perfect conditions. To offset your electric bill, you’re going to need more than one panel. You’re going to need quite a few, and they all take up space. You can’t stack them because then they block each other from the sun. Many homes just don’t have large enough roofs to install the necessary panels. With PeakSunNRG, the size of your roof is never a consideration.

  27. You live in an urban location (a row house or town house) and your roof is shaded by other buildings and it's too small for solar panels.
  28. As in the case above, PeakSunNRG installs your solar panels in a remote location and sends you the profits from the electricity they generate, so none of the physical limitations of your property will ever be a concern.

  29. You live in a multi-unit building and technically, you don’t even have a roof.
  30. At PeakSunNRG we have a saying, “No roof? No problem.” You simply don’t need one because we’re not putting the panels on your roof.

  31. You rent a home or an apartment and can’t install solar.
  32. So, you can’t install solar in your rental, but you still have an electric bill. PeakSunNRG installs your solar panels in a remote solar array where they generate the electricity you need, and the profits from that electricity go directly into your bank account, no matter where you live.

  33. You live on a boat or in an R.V. or a tiny house. Rooftop solar just isn’t practical for you.
  34. Of course it’s not. That's why you should not have rooftop solar. With PeakSunNRG, you can live on a boat, in an R.V., in a tiny house, or “in a box with a fox,” for that matter. The solar panels stay put while the profits from those panels follow you wherever you go.

  35. You plan on traveling when you retire. You can’t take rooftop solar with you.
  36. No you can’t, but with PeakSunNRG, you don’t have to. Your solar panels will be a part of a large, remote solar array, quietly and cleanly generating profits that you can take with you.